Adeste Deguilmo

deste's gift came to him naturally as a child. Drawing evolved as part of his growing up. At the age of 15, he joined the Children's International competition at Shankar, India and won the silver in the painting category. This early realization in the arts also rewarded him a grand prize title on his high school years, and finally earned for himself a Rotaract scholar- ship.

In Cebu, Adeste pursued his passion by enrolling in Fine Arts at UP Cebu and became one of the Joya awardees in school's annual art competition. He attributed most of his formal training under the late Martino Abellana's teachings especially in the discipline of painting and its art literature.

Adeste's art reflects through its cross influences, resulting in a typically natural- istic vein. His strong grasps in form and solidity is prominently evocative away from formless diffusions of prismatic colors. But the brushstrokes are richly suggested implying that of the impressionistic renditions. Adeste elevates the human form from which individual expressions emanate. He said, "I believe that expression of the human soul can be felt through its physical form. Man as a creative individual in his most profound expression is far more superior than any institution, culture and essence in art."