Zonia Hidalgo

esitant at first, Hidalgo's entry to the public eye started on her first solo show in Cebu's Magellan Internal hotel in 1991. This was subsequently followed with other exhibits CAI groupshows. Aside from being an artist herself, Hidalgo is active in the local promotions of the arts and its charity programs.

Although she worked with strong affinities to Cebu's art community, Hidalgo hails from Munoz, Nueva Ecija and earned all her educational experience in Iloilo with a Bachelor of Law degree. Later, she assumed position as Vice President for Research in Channel 7 Manila. In 1989, she came to manage the fledgling ABS-CBN Station Cebu.

Behind this long corporate life, however, she nurtured a solitary pursuit in the arts. Painting for her was a spiritual refuge and, quite admittedly, she resorted to it as an emotional outlet from the hyped-up world of stresses. Oddly enough, her talent first developed with the startling discovery of her left hand's disability somehow turned into a spur, a goad that never let up.

Through travel, Hidalgo's art awareness extended to places both local and abroad. Her works have a curious blend of Naive art whose style is characterized distinctively by its bright colors, careful and simplifying approach. Done mostly in pastel, her paintings provide a lyrical and an enchangtingly literal depiction of some long-lost imaginary scenes of Filipino traditions and folklore.