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o perpetuate the memory and to arouse greater awareness of the life and activities of Msgr. Virgilio Yap, the FILIPINO Foundation, who had regularly held Painting Competition in honor of the Filipino, has dubbed this year's event as "The Monsignor Virgilio Yap Memorial Painting Contest".

      This is ably supported by the Ayala Group, which has a long history of supporting and encouraging worthwhile cultural activities.

      No less than Fernando Zobel de Ayala, patron of the arts and Senior Managing Director of the Ayala Group, is on hand to judge the entries and give the awards to the winners.

      The following is the message of Fernando Zobel:

      "I am very pleased to be participating in the 1996 Monsignor Virgilio Yap Memorial Painting Competition, an event which pays tribute to an outstanding religious leader and Filipino artist. Monsignor Yap has always been a good friend of the Ayala Group, often officiating at events of significance for us such as the groundbreaking ceremonies of the Cebu Business Park and Ayala Center Cebu.

      The Competition comes at a most propitious time, as the country celebrates the centennial of our struggle for independence. It exemplifies the country's need for talent and leadership in the many fields of human endeavour. After all, even our revolution was fought on many fronts -- through the revolutionary literature of Jose Rizal as well as through the valiant armed struggle of Bonifacio and Aguinaldo.

      The development of our country today needs a multitude of talents as well as harness the creativity, productivity, innovation, and dedication of the entire Filipino people towards economic prosperity, social justice, and peace.

      We at the Ayala Group have always believed in pursuing economic development by investments that will offer the Filipino the best products and services. At the same time through the Ayala Foundation we seek to uplift the quality of life of our poor not only through economic activities but also to lift up their spirits by making them proud to be Filipino, proud of our history, our culture and our arts."