Manuel Paņares

anuel Paņares paints in pastel, the medium he uses to depict the life of the vanishing tribes of southern Philippines. During the early years of 1960 to 1970s, he part- icipated in various group exhibitions in Cebu and Manila. This period honed him in formal drawing and painting through the encouragement of Tonette's long involvement in the field of arts and culture, and who would later become his wife and lifetime partner in Davao and Cebu in later years.

Paņares turning point came with his close friendship with National artist Victorio Edades especially with their collaborative mural work in Davao. Although Paņares extends himself with a distinct subject of his own, the Edades' world of abstractions-- assertions for forms and pattern rather than modelling is however translated back into the illustrative and literal depiction of tribal themes.

Most important is Paņares subjects. In descriptive approach, it reflects a reality which call for both local and global attention-- the respect for ethnological tradition and ecological spirit of conservation.