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A total of 348 consultancy related activities were conducted during 1993 or an increase by 83% over that of 1992. These were provided to 147 coop/groups. VICTO affiliates account for 27% of the groups served while non-affiliates had 65% and other groups with 12% respectively.

Consultancy Activities

Region 6 with KOOPanay-funded Project providing the most of the consultancy services by 70%. Region 7 shared 21%, while Region 8 has 9%.

Special Consultancy service arrangements were made during 1993 for the following international groups:

1) A study tour to the Philippines by Shapla Neer, an NGO in Bangladesh in February 1993;

2) Coop organizing, Bookkeeping and Accounting of Pilot Cooperatives in Vietnam. This was in coordination with the Canadian Cooperative Association (CCA).

Regions 7 & 8 experienced certain difficulties in packaging consultancy services, apart from Audit and Training activites. Consultancy activites in the island of Panay is carried out as part of the KOOPanay project. Another difficulty faced by the department is the deployment of its staff who were also full-time implementors of other special projects or performing administration-related functions.