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KOOPanay -- General Objective

Over a five-year period (from November 1, 1991 to October 31, 1996), KOOPanay hopes to improve the quality of life of the people in the participant municipalities of Panay Island thru the strengthening of community-based cooperatives and other self-help organization (SHOs) with economic support thru viable savings generating projects (SGPs).

Specifically, the project aims to:

  1. Develop and strengthen the organizational and managerial competence of at least 139 participating coops/SHOs in running their programs of education, savings mobilization and credit;

  2. Increase the savings of at least 6,250 household/HHs (at 50 members for 125 coops) by one Hundred per centum (100%) thru the undertaking of highly- replicable savings-generating projects (SGPs);

  3. . Evolve an alternative rural, savings-based credit system which they themselves own, manage, control and patronize, parallel to the evolution of an effective savings programme;

  4. Develop agricultural and agro-industrial project at the primary and secondary coop levels that will link and mutually benefit the producer and consumer sectors effecting an increase in their real incomes while addressing ecological safety;

  5. Establish a strong and functional cooperative movement in Panay Island capable of sustaining development effort even after after the project life; and

  6. Enable women coop members to recognize, appreciate and effectively use their full potentials as equal and indispensable partners in the reprodctive and productive systems in the household and the community.