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Training accounts for 40% of the total activities conducted in 1993. 10,151 persons attended our training activities, with Region 6 contributing 44%, Region 7 by 33% and Region 8 with 23%. In terms of gender participation, the female participants garnered 58% with the males having 42%.

Detailed Breakdown of Training Activities

Groups Served

Most of the trainings were provided to non-affiliate cooperatives which constitutes 75%, affiliates having only 17% and other groups with 8%.

There is a need for VICTO to re-package its training services focusing on technical and specialized trainings for affiliates rather than on-and-off basis.

Most of Region 6 training activities were funded by the KooPanay Project now entering its third year. Region 7 is faring well in terms of income. Region 8 incurred losses which among others can be attributed to the following: weak marketing strategies, improper charging of fees, improper focusing of training interventions, and resource management in terms of time, priorities and personnel.