CAI Art Gallery

        12 major awards including: Bob Allison's Spider's 
                Pick of the Day, Web Oscar, Diamond Award, 
                Magellan 4-star award, Hit of the Day, Windows 
                Magazine Hot Spots, Ozark's Online Site of the
                Day, America.Net's Kaleidoscope Site of the Month, 
                Wave of the Day, Cool Site of the Nite, Web of 
                the Day and The Best of Cyber Pinoys.

        Featured by Asiaweek Magazine on its May 12, 1995 issue.

        Highly rated by Excite, Infoseek and IGuide.

        Make it Cebu!

        9 awards so far: MSN Site of the Week, Suite 101's
                Weekly Selection, Surfin' Pick of the Day, Looksmart
                Editor's Choice Award, Cremé de la Cremé, Gold Star
                Award, Wade's Web Pick's of '96, What's Hot and Wave
                of the Day.

        WG&A Philippines, Inc.

        The InfoGuide Business Site of the Day

        Pages at

        NetGuide's Gold Site -- Rated 4-stars, the Best of the Web.

        Enricke Shirts

        Winner -- The Cyber Fiesta Web Design Contest sponsored by
                Ayala Corporation and Weblink Philippines.

        Weaving the Philippine Presence on the 

        MSN Pick of the Week and The Best of Cyber Pinoys.
        Regularly linked by CNN on its Philippine News pages.

        PC WORLD MAGAZINE, December 1996 Issue

        Included six of our creations on its 101 TOP PHILIPPINE WEBSITES.
        These are the CAI Art Gallery, Make it Cebu!, WG&A 
        Philippines, Enricke Shirts, Webbing and The Freeman.

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