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With millions of people now hooked-up to the Internet and exponentially growing by the day, the need to stand out and be counted is extremely important.

We are here to help you make a difference with our innovative designs using state-of-the-art computer graphics programs and web publishing skills.

Whether you are an individual or a large corporation but want your presence felt on the web, we help you achieve your goals!

Services Offered:

HTML Authoring
We will convert and lay out your texts and scripts to HTML codes ready for the web.

Graphic Image Creation
We have the ability to develop leading-edge graphics to deliver and enhance the message you want to convey of your homepage.

High Resolution Scanning
We can scan prints up to 6400 x 6400 resolution.

Graphic Image Retouching
We will retouch and convert digitized images to a most suitable image format and resolution applicable for the web.

Web Page Housing
We can provide you the best place to house your pages on the Net with Virtual Server's ultrafast DS3 line with a huge bandwidth of 45mbps for the fastest downloading of your data.

Have Your Own Domain Name
For a more prestigious presence on the net, we can arrange for you the setting up and maintenance of your own domain name. Your URL would be <>

World Wide Web Publicity
Once your homepage is up, we will publicisize, announce and submit your homepage / URL to appropriate discussion groups, newsgroups, internet databases and search engines for the widest possible exposure.

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sOme of The PAGES  we've  CreateD

at, a repository of Cebu-related web pages on the net.

an old-fashion exhibit of my paintings when everyone was just learning how to do HTML.

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read some news articles written about us.

here is a brief listing of the  awards and accolades  accorded to the pages we have created so far.

and lastly take a peek at the person behind the designs.

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