old has always been the traditional hedge against economic uncertainties. It is known to be the most trusted medium of trade and value. Gold has remained as the standard and the worth on which stability and security are ascribed to.

Over time, gold has always maintained an excellent track record of retaining its purchasing power regardless of devaluation, inflation, or economic downtrend. Minted by their respective governments, gold bullion coins are easy to buy, easy to sell, make great gifts as collector's items and can help you reach your long-term retirement goals.

ONE OUNCE AMERICAN EAGLE U.S. gold coins offer an excellent way to diversify your portfolio and realize very desirable benefits including Preservation of Purchasing Power, Profit Potential, Financial Privacy, Ease of Liquidity and Timing: Potential Inflation Risks. Purchasing gold coins now is the best way to prevent a loss of your real wealth.

Made of 99.99% pure gold. The Royal Canadian Mint was the first world mint to commercially produce 99.99% pure gold. This innovation gave the Gold Maple Leaf instant recognition when it was introduced to the bullion coin market place years ago, and it remains the most well recognized and sought after bullion coin in the market today. All products retail for $700 or use our partial payment plan and pay only $300 and earn the balance of your purchase by referring others to GOLDQUEST International.



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