e believe that every human being shares in the common quest for a decent and happy life.

We can assist you in your quest by providing you a simple and profitable opportunity to earn money, while having enough time and freedom to pursue higher goals. And by helping yourself, you can easily then assist others improve their own quality of life.

GoldQuest International was founded in 1998 by two diverse but formidable entities: an investment group from out of U.K. and Scandinavia and an Asian team of industry leaders with extensive Network Marketing experience.

Together, they have put their strengths and integrity behind one of the most time-tested and proven business concepts throughout the world - the Customer Referral System.

With its international headquarters in Hong Kong, considered the bastion of free trade in Asia, GoldQuest International combines the best of both the Corporate and the Networking worlds, ensuring success in every aspect of the business.

At GoldQuest International, the Network is guaranteed to remain viable and distinct because it has a voice in all aspects of policy-making decisions. It is represented in the Board.

GoldQuest International is not just a business, it is a life-changing force. It is built on people's dreams and aspirations

In Quest for the Best Product, the Company chose to retail the One Ounce American Eagle gold coin, the One Ounce Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin, and a selection of gold coin jewelry.



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