In Quest for the Ultimate Plan

Utilizing the Customer Referral program, GoldQuest International chose not to use the route of traditional advertising; instead, opted to tap into the power of the "word-of-mouth". To maximize the strength of word-of-mouth advertising the GoldQuest Referral Bonus Plan was created combining the best of existing compensation plans from the Network Marketing arena.

The make-up of the Bonus Plan ensures that its referral base employs simple steps and procedures in conducting the business. GoldQuest International creates a unique advantage in today's competitive market.

The Plan

The flexibility of the GoldQuest Referral Bonus Plan offers you the opportunity to maximize your income from your referral group. Because of this, the plan is unique and revolutionary. Earnings are paid in US dollars. The plan also leverages income and provides a built-in inheritance clause for your heirs.

Upon acceptance of your application as Independent Representative, a Tracking Center is established under your name to keep track of your referrals

To participate, you either purchase a coin or a coin jewelry from GoldQuest International for US$700.00, paying only a down payment of US$300.00. The balance of US$400 may be paid over the course of one year or through referral fees.

At the end of the day, a sophisticated computer system customized for GoldQuest International calculates the number of your new direct and indirect referral sales and that number becomes the basis for your bonus check.

The table above shows the simple steps you have to take to earn referral bonuses. You may wish to purchase several products from GoldQuest International each of which makes up another Tracking Center allowing you to develop additional incomes. The maximum bonuses a Tracking Center can earn in a single day is US$2,400; the computer calculates five days per week for each tracking center, thereby compounding your bonuses.

"We are all pilgrims on the same journey---but some pilgrims have better road maps." ---- Nelson De Mille, the Talbot Odyssey

Now YOU have the financial freedom…
as well as the time to pursue your Quest.



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