After Manila was conquered,

Penshoppe's growth was assured and, in a sense, unstoppable. From a handful of shelves in selected stores, it went on to become a presence in over 300 outlets nationwide.

From the unpretentious racks in leading retail chains, it went on to open its first boutiques in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, expanding to more than 30 stores all over the country.

Ten years after it was created, Penshoppe has indeed come a long way. From a small brand sold only in Cebu, it now dominates the national market for teen wear.

Ever humble, its creators still shake their heads over their story: architecture graduates who bucked the odds in a field they knew little about. Instead of folding up within months of its opening, overwhelmed by inexperience and big players,
"Penshoppe transformed its inexperience into a lincense to innovate."

Penshoppe transformed its inexperience into a lincense to innovate. The flood of fresh ideas turned the compnay into a big player.

As it cements its hold on the teen market, as it strives to develop the upcoming pre-teen crowd and as it keeps up with the changes of its target market as they grow up, Penshoppe will always be busy generating ideas and products. And then some.

And as with everything Penshoppe has done since, its stamp of quality will be unmistakably etched on every notion and innovation it will come up with.

So, what does the future hold for Penshoppe?

What can its customers, partners, and colleagues expect from a brand that ignored the tradional restrictions, bucked the odds, and dared to dream? A brand that bridged the distance across regions and cultures, and defined the meaning of "real" for youths all over the country? A brand that became synonymous with a battlecry for a generation, that stood steadfastly for their right to "express themselves"?

What can people expect from Penshoppe in the years to come?


The Unexpected.