Edgar Mojares is a Cebu-based artist who studied art at Cebu's UPCC Fine Arts Program in 1975. A reclusive painter with several shows in joint art exhibit, this entry to the Internet is fondly considered by him as his first one-man show. However informal or unusual in launching it in cyberspace, this exhibit presents an anthology of his works spanning fifteen years, roughly running between the late 70s to early 90s.

The works are arranged not in a strictly chronological fashion, but presented in the context of the artist's subjective responses between local subjects, often in the genre form, and the critical mental aspects of painting which distinguishes him among his local contemporaries.

The sampling of thirty works also offer a traditional glimpse of the artist's foundation as a fine craftsman, starting here with the pen & ink studies to the gradual exploration of material in the search to express ideas and feelings.

Any material, in theory, is grist to the mill of the artist. This is evident in Mojares' works as he constantly experiments, invents and sometimes exploiting indigenous raw materials at the expense of a possible obsolescence. Even in the pen & ink drawings he infuses an unconventional method, and so with his painting techniques, the prints, collages and other innovative works.

Although respecting the formalism and painterly tradition of his local mentor, he held on to the belief that art's vitality rests on the persistence of one's introspective tendencies with uncompromising creative visual attitude. For the artist, the experience is a perpetual open horizon where the idea of art exist only because of its intellectual challenge or some other transcendent content.

As a show, the artist prefer to have his works to be viewed simply as a visual experience. However, considering the Internet's vicarious nature and its viewing limitations, this program provides a short reference to every individual works as indicated by its exhibit number.

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