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Yap Mabuhay Enterprises, Inc. has always been a family controlled corporation. Although the stockholder base was expanded in the 80's the corporation is still a family affair.

Mr. Antonio Lim Yaphockun Sr.
-- Founder, President and Chairman of the Board.

Mrs. Remigia Du Yaphockun
-- Corporate Treasurer and Secretary

Engr. Manuel F.D. Yapchockun
-- Vice President and General Manager.
B.S.E.E. magna cum laude, a licensed electrical engineer. He is based in General Santos City.

Engr. Allan Du Yapchockun
-- Branch Manager, a licensed civil engineer B.S.C.E. cum laude. He is based in Koronadal, South Cotabato.

Engr. Antonio Yapchockun Jr.
-- Member of the Board. He is a lincensed eletrical engineer B.S.E.E. magna cum laude.

Atty. Ruby Yapchockun Senal
-- Member of the Board, corporate legal consultant. She is a licensed accountant and lawyer. B.S.C. cum laude.

Vivian Yapchockun Golamco
-- Stockholder, a licensed accountant. B.S.C. magna cum laude.

Mary Ann Yapchockun Ong
-- Stockholder, B.S.C. cum laude. Majors in management and banking and finance.

Dr. Alexander Yapchockun
-- Stockholder, a licensed medical technologist and doctor of medicine.

Dr. Caronline Yapchockun Tan
-- Stockholder, a licensed medical technologist and doctor of medicine.

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