p h i l o s o p h y    

      The corporate philosophy of the corporation can best be described as a circle within a square. The circle represents the corporation and the square is the public. The public is represented by the four entities (sides of a square) that the corporation interacts with, namely, the consumers, the government and community, the management, staff, and the rank and file. The last side of the square is the stockholder.

      Customers -- The corporation believes that the customer is the ultimate reason for its existence. It believes that the customer has all the right to expect the products or services that was agreed upon. The corporation is expected to give advices, suggestions and other form of assistance to the customer at no additional expense.

      Government and Community -- The corporation believes that it is their duty to pay taxes and to assist the government in their undertakings. It believes in good corporate citizenship and that its responsibilities does not end with complying with the minimum requirements of law.

      Management, Staff, Rank and File -- The corporation believes that the primary resource that it has is the young and dynamic workforce. It believes that the minimum wage law is a tool to guide workers on their rights. The corporation believes that productivity is a better yardstick in the determination of compensation.

      Stockholders -- The corporation believes in the right of the stockholders to expect a reasonable income from their investment. It believes in the mix of the Oriental way of doing business but it also subscribes to the idea of proper market research and planning, and the value of the information technology.

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